5 things your real estate website needs

Real Estate websites are everywhere.  Listing data is no longer difficult for consumers to find on the web – there are 1000's and 1000's of sites where you can search every listing in the market  - or anyplace in the world – and see almost all of the information that's available to Realtors only.

So, if you're a real estate professional why should you have a website?  Why in the world would the consumer care to visit your website?  How in the world will a consumer even find your website?  

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Improve your website value

Here's a synopsis of a good article on maximizing the value of your website.

Easy Changes to Up Your Web Site Value 
Optimizing your Web site is a good move in 2010.

Here are some steps from Inman News columnist Bernice Ross that can increase traffic and turn lookers into leads.

  • Get your own URL. Having a page on someone else’s site sends Web traffic to them, not you.
  • Choose a URL that reflects your real estate specialty.
  • Take your own picture off the home page. Studies show it can drive away traffic.
  • Make sure your home page has your up-to-date contact information prominently displayed.
  • Add an easy-to-use lead-capture link – something like “Free Report” on something appealing like “How to Reduce Your Property Taxes.”
  • Post at least 20 pictures for each featured property.
  • Add a video for each property.
  • Link to community information and such sites as Walkscore.com.
  • Include testimonials from previous customers.

Source: Inman News, Bernice Ross (01/21/2010)

Marketing lessons from a tire purchase

Have you bought any tires lately?  I did this past weekend.  It was painful to my wallet but about as pleasurable of a purchase experience as you can have these days.  I think there's some great marketing lessons to be seen in this experience.

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