Some consider Facebook “waste of time”

Take a look at this chart from the blog Business Insider.  I’m not sure how many people don’t use Facebook (other than the many people I personally know) but this survey found that more than half of those who are Facebook-less consider it a “waste of time.”  Maybe these people would feel the same about TV but either way it’s important to consider this as you decide where to devote your marketing time and money.

I think this is interesting in light of the tremendous hype Facebook receives as a marketing vehicle – a way to prospect and promote your business.

My suggestion has always been to use as many different appropriate marketing vehicles and test, test, test.  Maybe Facebook is allowing you to connect with all kinds of new clients. If so, great.  But if it’s your only or main way to prospect you might be missing all those Facebook-less people out there.  Consider including a good cross section of targeted marketing in your 2011 plan.