Marketing Basics remain unchanged

As numerous new opportunities for advertising and marketing arise, it's important to get back to basics.  Attached is an excellent article adapted from an article I read years ago in a marketing newsletter. 

Everything in it applies even more today as our business relationships become more distant and impersonal.  These ideas will set you apart from the crowd.  Don't forget the basics as you introduce new marketing tools into our business.

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It’s about who, not how many

Real estate marketing has always been about who, not how many.  We can get quickly sidetracked in thinking that the quantity of the people seeing our advertising for real estate is more important than the quality.

But, when marketing a home and your personal real estate business, only a very limited number of people are going to be actively shopping for a new home at any given time.  You're main concern is to reach those people.

So, when thinking about your print advertising or your online presence  – always think WHO and NOT how many.

Use marketing options that reach your very best prospects.

As Seth Godin, a famous marketer said, "Be with the ones you love and the ones that love you.  Ignore everyone else." 

That's Target Marketing.

NOW is the time to advertise

Here are some interesting thoughts quoted from an article I read
on the benefits of maintaining or even increasing marketing and
advertising during slow times.  It may be hard to justify the same
levels as before but the opportunity exists in slower times to increase
market share through increased promotion.

"Over the years hundreds of studies have been conducted to prove companies should maintain advertising during a recession.

the 1920's advertising executive Roland S. Vaile tracked 200 companies
through the recession of 1923. He reported in the April 1927 issue of
the Harvard Business Review that the biggest sales increases throughout
the period were rung up by companies that advertised the most.

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Agents, stop wasting money on advertising

Do you know the difference between advertising and marketing? 

They are definitely not the same and understanding the difference is the beginning point for more effective overall marketing for your business.  

Download the article below that describes 7 steps to a more effective marketing campaign for your business. 

I'll elaborate on each of these steps in the weeks ahead.

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What makes your marketing work?

I’ve been slow in updating our blog with current information.  I’ll try to do better in the future.  We have loads of great marketing ideas but I have a hard time compiling it for this blog!

I recently read an article in the September/October issue of Texas Realtor magazine that really drove home some important points on marketing for Realtors.   The article is by Greg Herder (who I was able to hear in person at last year’s NAR convention)  – he runs an advertising/marketing firm that specializes in marketing techniques for Realtors.

He recounts four primary truths about marketing that you should consider when planning a marketing campaign:

  1. Celebrate your individuality and carve your niche
  2. Facts don’t sell
  3. Look at the big picture
  4. Stick with it

Here’s what he means.

In all successful marketing campaigns he has been involved in over 20 years “each one focused on a real point of differentiation that was consistent with the agent’s (or firm’s) personal core values”.  He doesn’t really describe specifically what he means here but I think you want your marketing to reflect who you are and what you hold valuable.  You can’t,  nor should you try to be, all things to all potential clients.  As he says “you will succeed faster by starting with a highly focused, differentiating message that establishes your position in the minds of your clients, and then expanding from there, rather than trying to start with a broad, general appeal.”  You may have established a position without even realizing it.  Maybe potential clients perceive you as a new home specialist; an investment specialist or maybe you’ve targeted buyers and sellers of high priced homes.  His point is:  draw your specialty from who you are, what interests you and what you believe, focus on that and expand from there.

His second point is “facts don’t sell”.  I know that’s hard to comprehend in your advertising when most Realtors primarily list facts about the listing.  But we really all ultimately make our purchase decisions emotionally.  We may want or need some facts to arrive at the emotional decision.  Greg says “every successful campaign must touch the prospect at an emotional level” and that “every great campaign has just enough facts so that a customer can justify an emotional decision”.  If you give thought to your last purchase of any kind, I think you’ll agree with this.  If you want to write more compelling fact based and emotion driven advertising, give us a call.  We can give you free access to an online ad writing system that will help in this area.

Third, is to look at the big picture.  In other words, a campaign is more than one ad, one flyer, one mailing.  Greg says “…if you start with only one piece your chances of success are only 5-10%”.  I would argue that they are actually lower than this.  All successful marketing efforts are successful because of a series of efforts that rely on the fourth idea – STICK WITH IT!

This, in my opinion, can be the hardest and truly what separates the winners from the rest of the pack.  If you can stick with your effort over time or you quit before it has a chance to work for you than you’re wasting hard earned money.  We try something a few times, it doesn’t provide the results we expected, so we quit or try something “new” hoping that will work.  The most successful marketing efforts in history have never changed – like the Marlboro Man or the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Greg says “the reality is that it takes time for a marketing campaign to take root and grow.”  Consistency in all these areas is what really works and will help your business grow.

As Greg says in his closing,  “The hard part is mental.  Making the tough choices about how to differentiate yourself, investing money that you can’t afford to lose and then waiting for it to take root and grow during that first critical year of launching your marketing campaign – these are the hard parts.” The challenge – “it is easier to do nothing and hope that it will work out.”