What’s in a video?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth ten thousand. A video is a way to tell a story, specifically, your story. It’s a way to share your viewpoint about a particular issue or to let potential customers and clients get to know you and your business.

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2 reasons to invest in video

Choosing to take and upload video on a regular basis is a huge commitment. You might be wondering why you should do it. Maybe you aren’t convinced that it will place you as an authority figure in your subject matter. Perhaps you’re unsure that it will help you to reach new customers or clients or to solidify your existing customer base.

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What should I include in my e-letter?

“What should I include in my e-letter?” Many business owners ask that question once they’ve decided to start an e-letter campaign. The answer to the question, unfortunately, isn’t a generic one. Each business is different, and each one requires a tailored e-letter campaign. Continue reading “What should I include in my e-letter?”

Do you check in?

A few months ago, an article from Inman tried to put a positive spin on the fact than one in five people with smartphones use them to check into geosocial services, such as Foursquare and SCVNGR. It sounds like a good statistic until a percentage is distilled from those numbers: twenty percent. Twenty percent of people with smartphones use them to check into locations.

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How good is your website…really?

It’s hard to be objective about your website. It’s your baby. Maybe a friend or one of your kids designed it. You don’t want to hurt their feelings. Unfortunately, if you refuse to take an objective look at your website, you’re hurting your own chances of being found and of acquiring new customers.

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Should you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Clients sometimes ask me if they should connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts. I always answer, “No.” While it’s fine to connect your Facebook account with Twitter, it’s not a good idea to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page.

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Google on TV – what’s up with that?

You might have seen Google's TV ad during the Super Bowl (yea Saints!).  With record viewership of 106 million people, I believe that was money well spent to get the word out about their main product – the helpfulness of computer search.

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Improve your website value

Here's a synopsis of a good article on maximizing the value of your website.

Easy Changes to Up Your Web Site Value 
Optimizing your Web site is a good move in 2010.

Here are some steps from Inman News columnist Bernice Ross that can increase traffic and turn lookers into leads.

  • Get your own URL. Having a page on someone else’s site sends Web traffic to them, not you.
  • Choose a URL that reflects your real estate specialty.
  • Take your own picture off the home page. Studies show it can drive away traffic.
  • Make sure your home page has your up-to-date contact information prominently displayed.
  • Add an easy-to-use lead-capture link – something like “Free Report” on something appealing like “How to Reduce Your Property Taxes.”
  • Post at least 20 pictures for each featured property.
  • Add a video for each property.
  • Link to community information and such sites as Walkscore.com.
  • Include testimonials from previous customers.

Source: Inman News, Bernice Ross (01/21/2010)