Establish brand recognition

Brand Awareness  The world of online listing promotion for real estate professionals has created a unique marketing challenge.  This challenge – creating brand awareness – was reinforced to me in two recent articles I read.  

The first is by author/blogger Kris Berg, a San Diego Realtor writing for Inman News.  Kris writes of a question from a potential client who asked her "What makes you different from other agents?"  You can read the article here.  

Her challenge was to seek to differentiate herself from her competition and she realized the difficulty of this effort.  

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Google on TV – what’s up with that?

You might have seen Google's TV ad during the Super Bowl (yea Saints!).  With record viewership of 106 million people, I believe that was money well spent to get the word out about their main product – the helpfulness of computer search.

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Did you have a lemonade stand?

If you had a lemonade stand in your younger days you'll appreciate this short story.  It gives a little insight on the importance of engaging creatively with our clients and prospects.

This post is from Seth Godin's blog.   He's got great ideas on marketing (he spoke at a NAR convention a few years back) that can really be applied to our daily business.   

He's also got a new book – highly recommended – you can buy it here:  Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

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Marketing lessons from a tire purchase

Have you bought any tires lately?  I did this past weekend.  It was painful to my wallet but about as pleasurable of a purchase experience as you can have these days.  I think there's some great marketing lessons to be seen in this experience.

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Truths about Customers

I recently read an interesting article about customers by Jay Levinson, author of the Guerilla Marketing series of books.  He wonders if we really know why our customers buy from us and suggests that people buy our products and services for reasons other than the reasons we might think.  As I share some of these put your self in a "buying mindset" (after all, we’re all someones customer from time to time) and see if you agree.

Jay first states what may be obvious to you – "People buy because you help them realize the merits of owning or using what you offer."  Most people look to buy a "benefit not a feature." But really he states "people buy a whole lot more than benefits."  Here’s a  few other things he says people buy that might relate to your real estate business:

  • They buy promises you make. So make them with care
  • They buy solutions to their problems.
  • They buy your guarantee, reputation and good name.
  • They buy other people’s opinions of your business.
  • They buy hope for their own future.
  • They buy believable claims, not simply honest claims.
  • They buy the consistency they’ve seen you exhibit.
  • They buy value, which is not the same as price.
  • They buy freedom from risk.
  • They buy neatness and assume that’s how you do business.
  • They buy honesty for one dishonest word means no sale.
  • They buy convenience.
  • They buy the confidence you display in your own business.

There’s 20 more so contact me if you want the whole list.  But, I think this conveys the idea of how important all the little details are to help your business grow and succeed.  And I think we’d all agree these are valid and many of these probably drive us when we’re making a purchase.