This will motivate you

Here's a video reminder that while life is full of setbacks and failure, amazing things often come from those setbacks and failures.  May this reality motivate us to try new things and take risks in business and in life.


Improve your e-mail marketing

We're all doing more e-mail marketing to our prospects and clients – and other real estate professionals. It's a cost effective way to get a message out but our experience is showing only a small percentage actually see the e-mail.  

Here's some good tips from Inc. magazine on improving your e-mail marketing – and hopefully improving the number of people who actually see your message. 

Have other ideas?  Share them with us.

Improve your e-mail marketing

5 things your real estate website needs

Real Estate websites are everywhere.  Listing data is no longer difficult for consumers to find on the web – there are 1000's and 1000's of sites where you can search every listing in the market  - or anyplace in the world – and see almost all of the information that's available to Realtors only.

So, if you're a real estate professional why should you have a website?  Why in the world would the consumer care to visit your website?  How in the world will a consumer even find your website?  

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An Apple touchscreen revolution

I am a confirmed Apple computer "fanatic".  I've use Apple products since 1988 when I began my first newspaper. I've use the IPhone since it was first introduced and have used the IPad since day 1.

I marvel at the simplicity of their products but this video shows us that their touch screen design is more than fun, it's the start of a revolution in how we use computers. Watch 18 month old Carson use the IPad. It comes naturally to him.

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