Offering a “reason why”

Does your marketing offer a reason why?

As a real estate professional you market your business every day – through your advertising, brochure, signs, business cards, website, e-mail news and more.  But in your marketing do you always offer a “Reason Why” they should call you.  A “Reason Why” is the key to greater response and return on your marketing investment.

Ask yourself as you look at all your marketing – “Does this provide my client or prospect with a reason (s) why they should continue to work with me or contact me?”

These reasons should be much more than simply the listing you happen to have that you hope someone will stumble upon.  You must describe the added value you bring to the client and prospect.  This might be your specialized training, your community involvement, your extensive advertising program, your website, your years of experience.

Whatever it is – do you prominently include it in all your marketing?  If not, make that change today.  You’ll see better results from your marketing efforts.  Always give your client and prospects ample reason to do business with you.

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