Are you advertising?

There are many ways to market your business.

Advertising is one of them.  Are you doing any?

You might think you are.

After all –

  • You post to Facebook all the time
  • You tweet
  • You just joined Google+
  • You have a website and you check it from time to time
  • You send out e-mails and an occasional letter or postcard (with a real stamp)
  • You use signs
  • You meet with prospects
  • You have a nice brochure and business card with your picture
  • You’re involved in the community

But, how do you find NEW customers?

How do you get “lookers” to contact you?

How do you establish yourself as a leader in your field?

Every successful business advertises (as part of their marketing effort) to accomplish these things.

Why?  Because advertising is the proactive means to make all your other marketing efforts work.

Advertising attracts prospects, builds your name recognition and confirms with current customers that they made the right decision in choosing you.

Advertising is one part of your Marketing Circle where everything works together to grow your business.

And as a small business the best place to advertise are in those places that most directly reach (target) your most likely prospect.  There is no need to broadcast your message to a diverse and broad audience.  Instead, target in on those most likely to need exactly what you have to offer.

Don’t make the mistake that your marketing efforts are accomplishing what only advertising can accomplish.

Future posts will explore your Marketing Circle, all the great places you could consider advertising (both offline and on) and the very best ways to advertise.

Consider the power of advertising to grow your business.




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