2 reasons to invest in video

Choosing to take and upload video on a regular basis is a huge commitment. You might be wondering why you should do it. Maybe you aren’t convinced that it will place you as an authority figure in your subject matter. Perhaps you’re unsure that it will help you to reach new customers or clients or to solidify your existing customer base.

If that is you, you might want to consider two other reasons for choosing to take video. One has to do with being more of an introvert. The other has to do with building a speaking presence based on your videos.

If you are an introvert, recording and uploading – both are essential – a video of yourself is no easy task. It takes courage and what can only be called “gumption.” As you record more videos, you’ll become more comfortable with being the headliner. You’ll see that you have a viewpoint, and you probably have more to say than you ever thought you did. You may never be the most extroverted person, but you will find that it’s easier to chat at networking and other social events after working on your speaking skills via video.

If you’re interested in public speaking, video can be a great tool. You can record yourself, then critique yourself. You can see when you rush through your speech. You can identify trouble words, such as the ever-favorite “Worcestershire.” You also can pinpoint verbal pauses and filler words, including “just,” “anyway,” or “like.” Once you notice those things, you can start to work on those problems in future videos.

Why do you think video is a good idea? Let us know in the comments.

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