What should I include in my e-letter?

“What should I include in my e-letter?” Many business owners ask that question once they’ve decided to start an e-letter campaign. The answer to the question, unfortunately, isn’t a generic one. Each business is different, and each one requires a tailored e-letter campaign.

It is possible to give some general guidelines; however, they should be applied as a business owner determines is best. Guidelines simply are parameters and suggestions. They are not laws set in stone. Some guidelines include:

  • Contact information. Contact information is a must, despite the earlier caveat that guidelines are suggestions. That information should be found in the footer of an e-letter at the very least. It could also be included in the side bar or another area of the e-letter.
  • Business-related article. A business-related article can be one that’s been written for the company’s blog. It also could be an article about the company that was published in the newspaper.
  • Customer-related article. A customer-related article differs very little from a business-related article because both should provide value to the recipient of the e-letter. The only difference lies in the fact that a customer-related article might be about time management, which isn’t necessarily a topic that a company, such as a boutique, addresses.
  • Fun articles. A fun article doesn’t necessarily have to be an “article.” It could be an inspirational quote with a related image. It could be a recipe. Deciding on what type of “fun” to include depends on the company’s target audience. It also is best to try to relate that fun item to the rest of the e-letter or to events occurring that week or month.
  • Coupons. Coupons are a way to turn an online, potential customer into an in-store customer. Coupons usually are found in the B2C environment, although many B2B companies are finding unique ways to use them. For instance, a B2B company might offer a discount for an upcoming seminar or for a one-on-one consultation.

What components do you like to see in e-letters? What are some things you could do to create a new or a better e-letter campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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