Should you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Clients sometimes ask me if they should connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts. I always answer, “No.” While it’s fine to connect your Facebook account with Twitter, it’s not a good idea to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page.

I have a couple of reasons for giving that answer. One, the language on Twitter is completely different from the language found on Facebook. Twitter is limited to 140 characters. Facebook allows up to 420 characters. Twitter also is filled with the symbol “@” and the ever-popular hashtag. For people unaccustomed to that language, it can be rather daunting. It’s a foreign language requiring a social media interpreter. If a customer unfamiliar with Twitter were to see that language on a Facebook page, he or she might leave and never return.

My second reason has to do with automation. Automation is a wonderful thing; I use automation tools to keep posts and tweets organized. I also use those tools to push different content to different networks. I believe that a person’s experience should be unique on a particular platform. While some overlap does and will occur among the networks, particularly if I have found an article worth sharing multiple times, people should find different content on my various social networks. That can’t occur if Facebook and Twitter are connected and vice versa. If I do that, the content becomes redundant or, as it were, some version of circular reasoning.

I do, as I stated earlier, suggest linking a Facebook page to Twitter, especially when a client is first learning to use Twitter. It’s easier to share content on a network with which one is familiar before becoming ensconced in a world that thrives upon “@” and “#.” As clients become more familiar with that world, I then suggest that they focus on diversifying their content and interacting with their fans and followers according to the rules and regulations of those networks.

What are your thoughts about automation? Do you share the same content on all your social networks or do you diversify? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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