Why aren’t you on Facebook?

Why aren't you on Facebook?Your friends are on Facebook. You know because you keep receiving invitations to join the network. Even your mom is on Facebook and is posting photos of her dog and playing Farmville. Why, then, aren’t you on Facebook?

You might have a valid reason. Facebook can be a distraction. You have to find friends on the network. You have to comment on posts and like statuses. You simply don’t have the time or the desire to be on a social network. You enjoy picking up the phone and calling two or three friends about getting together for breakfast. You’re satisfied with the way your life is and see no reason to disrupt it.

Those are some personal reasons not to join Facebook. What about professional ones? Maybe you think you need to join Facebook to engage with your customers. Are you customers on Facebook? Would creating a professional page actually do anything for your business besides add one more thing to do to your daily to-do list? Perhaps you think you need to be on Facebook because your competition is. The thing is, your competitor may have inroads with a market that you don’t have. Maybe your competitor is younger and “gets” social media. Maybe he or she is relying on a particular demographic. You, however, have a market that your competitor doesn’t. You have the people who aren’t on Facebook, who will give you confused glances when you ask about tweets, twats, or twits. You have the power of a phone call and the comfort of a handshake.

You are who you are. Embrace that fact. You don’t have to be on Facebook unless it makes sense for you to be there. You simply have to be yourself and to market yourself in a way that works best for you and your current and future clients.

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