Google on TV – what’s up with that?

You might have seen Google's TV ad during the Super Bowl (yea Saints!).  With record viewership of 106 million people, I believe that was money well spent to get the word out about their main product – the helpfulness of computer search.

But why run a TV ad?  Because maybe Google understands the importance of a diverse marketing plan. Maybe word-of-mouth (or dare I say online promotion/advertising) alone might limit your impact and shouldn't really be the only marketing you do.  

That's probably why I recently received a direct mail piece from Google offering a discount if I'd try out their online advertising system.  

I'm sure Google will carefully track their return on these efforts – as we all should do – but never limit the tools you use to reach your clients and prospects.  You might discover something in your marketing arsenal that really connects with the audience you're trying to reach.

Here's an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing Google's TV ad effort during the Super bowl.

Google on the TV

What do you think? How diverse is your marketing plan?

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